M-F 2pm - Bar Close, Sat- Sun 11am - Bar Close

shotskis bar

Where strangers become friends and friends become family.

Offering amenities that no other bar in the area can boast, Shotski's is one of a kind, where you can be yourself and leave with more friends than you came with.


Shotski's is Eagle River's newest bar, grill and music venue hot spot. Owner's Jaime and Rick opened Shotski's Bar in 2016 with one purpose; to run a fun space with the best bartenders serving the best customers. 

Rick and Jaime have devoted countless hours to renewing the former "Shooters" space located at 1295 White Pine. Among the many new improvements, Shotski's features a 13,000 sq ft outdoor entertainment space. Indoors, the bar has been revamped with 2 new pool tables, new surround sound system, and 6 TV's for all your sporting needs. A new limited kitchen is also now available and serves until bar close.  

Upcoming Events


The Shotski World Record

Starting the 1st of the 2019 year Shotskis Bar is going to begin the process of setting the world record for the longest ever Shotski!

Owners Rick and Jaime are working on getting approval for shutting the nearby street down (the only space big enough to complete the record). Shotski's is aiming to set the world record on July 14th, 2019. 

Stay tuned!

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